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Get in touch Ask a question, share your thoughts or showcase your photos… @DPhotographer Tweet youropinionsor images andseethemprinted DigitalPhotographerUK Shareyourthoughtsandshots Email: Havethesubjectclearlymarked Instagram: @dphotographermag Anotherwaytofollowus Website: Getnews, tipsandreviewsat... “There’s a lot involved in creating truly great images –muchmore than we initially imagine” Welcome to the latest issue of Digital Photographer magazine. If there’s one thing that most of us discover pretty early on in our journeys as photographers, it’s that there’s an awful lot involved in creating truly great images – much more than we initially imagine. Even with today’s modern cameras, which certainly help to give us the best possible chance of success, there’s much that needs to be mastered. It’s a process that often begins long before the camera is even out of the bag. Locations need to be scouted, light needs to be assessed and compositions framed with care. In our feature on page 34, we’ve explored each of these stages to help you take perfect photos. Then our pro guide to balancing the light for better portraits, written by Holly Wren, starts on page 48 of the magazine and takes a look at how to achieve better exposures in all your photos of people. Another top professional, Mark Bauer, has explored how to shoot stunning scenes during the summer months, when the days are longer and brighter. You’ll find it on page 62. Our shooting and editing tutorial this issue looks at how to use focus stacking techniques for your macro images, and we’ve also taken a look at macro lenses in this issue’s group test. As always, we’d love to see some of your own images, so please upload them to our Facebook page at . If you’ve got a question about photography that you’d love us to tackle in the magazine, simply get in touch using the email address directly below. Until next time, enjoy your photography! Matt Bennett, Editor © Peter Fenech 3 welcome